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316 Stainless Steel provides excellent corrosion resistance. Solid plugs are commonly used
throughout various industries were processes need to be sealed to prevent any contamination.
Whether you are closing a process, using as a plug for a thermowell or temporarily closing a
thermocouple head, or using to machine an I.D. to adapt a tube. Solid Hex Plugs

Solid Hex Plugs are also for customers that take standard fitting and weld or thread non standard
sizes on one end or make a custom fitting while embedding an RTD or thermocouple at the same
time. Whether you are welding a stainless steel tube at one end. Solid hex plugs can be modified
and used as needed without the expensive set up. Half the work has already been made for you.

Concentric Hex To Ensure Straightness on Threads when machining, welding a tube or pipe

Non Magnetic Stainless Steel

Sharp Threads for Proper Engagement to Prevent Leaks

All CNC Machined, No Manual Polishing on Hex or Threads

Standard 316 SS and various alloys available upon request and may require minimum quantity